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This website presents paintings by Edwin G Lucas, a Scottish artist who lived from 1911 to 1990. His paintings are Modernist in style and many feature Surrealist elements developed during the 1930s.

The site contains biographical information, galleries of digital images and news of exhibitions of the original paintings. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Edwin G Lucas at City Art Centre, Edinburgh 2014

Picture of the Month

During the next few months we're going to illustrate Edwin's journey from a painter of conventional landscapes in the 1930s to produducing Surrealist works that are quite unlike anything his contemporaries were doing.

This month we feature A Farewell to Adolescence, painted in September 1939, just after Edwin started renting a studio at 5 Alva Street from Wilhelmina Barns-Graham. The picture is based on the view from Edwin's room in the parental home in Juniper Green, but his new-found interest in Surrealism is evident! The title is ironic because Edwin was 28 years old and still living at home, but renting a studio was a key moment in his life and his artistic career as it provided independence and a place to paint just as his imagination was stimulated by Surrealism.

A Farewell to Adolescence by Edwin G Lucas
A Farewell to Adolescence, 1939, Watercolour, 60cm x 45cm