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This website presents paintings by Edwin G Lucas, a Scottish artist who lived from 1911 to 1990. His paintings are Modernist in style and many feature Surrealist elements developed during the 1930s.

The site contains biographical information, galleries of digital images and news of exhibitions of the original paintings. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Edwin G Lucas at City Art Centre, Edinburgh 2014

Picture of the Month

This watercolour was painted in 1938 at Baberton Mains, about half a mile from where Edwin lived in Juniper Green. The houses in the middle distance belong to Baberton Crescent and you can see the Pentland Hills behind.

Winter Tree, Baberton Mains by Edwin G Lucas
Winter Tree, Baberton Mains, 1938, Watercolour, 38cm x 26cm

The painting is featured on the cover of a new booklet "Baberton Mains Past and Present". This was recently published by the Baberton Mains History Group to mark the 40th anniversary of the building of the Baberton Mains housing estate, which now stands on the farmland in the foreground of the painting. You can buy a copy of the booklet for 5 from any of the following outlets in Juniper Green, Edinburgh: