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This website presents paintings by Edwin G Lucas, a Scottish artist who lived from 1911 to 1990. His paintings are Modernist in style and many feature Surrealist elements developed during the 1930s.

The site contains biographical information, galleries of digital images and news of exhibitions of the original paintings. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Edwin G Lucas at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 2013-2014

Picture of the Month

For the next few months we're illustrating Edwin's journey from a painter of conventional landscapes in the 1930s to produducing Surrealist works that are quite unlike anything his contemporaries were doing in the 40s and early 50s.

This month we feature Moonlit Walk, painted in October 1939, just a couple of months after Edwin started painting in a Surrealist style. Most of his work in this period was related to dreams and/or psychoanalysis and one imagines this is a dreamscape. It's unique in the way he combines the local landscape with surreal imagery such as the shepherd with the wonky legs, his dog and the ghostly cows. And what on earth is the green worm-like object in the foreground?

Moonlit Walk by Edwin G Lucas
Moonlit Walk, 1939, Oil on Board, 50cm x 63cm